Paul McCartney & Wings vs Timo Mass & James Teej – Nineteen Hundred And Eigthy Five

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Paul McCartney & Wings vs Timo Maas & James Teej - Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five (Cover)

Since you all know we usually don’t tend to over-used superlatives. But this time we can’t hold back to say bringing you with great pleasure one of the hottest records on earth. Appeared first as mysterious white label vinyl in selected stores and sold out within minutes today this genius track sees the light of day as offical release.

Paul McCartney is one of the most important personalities of the rock. With a string of hits he showed the way in the 70s, as the front man of the legendary The Beatles and to his own project Paul McCartney and Wings.
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Marcelo Wallace – Love – Pure Records

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Marcelo Wallace - Love - Covert Art


The „Love EP“ is the third release from Marcelo Wallace which already got early support from names like Markus Kavka, Rich vom Dorf, Rico Püstel or Sash from BBC. It comes out on Heidelberg based label Pure Records and on the same time it is the happy end of this love trilogy. Coming just in time, with the beginning of spring and before the festival season starts, we provide this bright shining release with you.
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La Boum Fatale - No Tongue In Cheek (Cover Art)

Just before the release of “Holygram”, the debut album of La Boum Fatale, the 2nd single “No Tongue in Cheek” is out. The track documents the past development and shows La Boum Fatale more solid and self-conscious, straight-lined and rough.

For the musician and producer Antonio de Spirt, La Boum Fatale has always been testimony of cooperations, of creative exchange and friction. Most parts of the album are joint works with artists, whose output de Spirt appreciates a lot. “No Tongue In Cheek” is a collaboration with the Danish musician and singer Asbjørn. The song comments on the selective tendencies in modern dating and general social culture. “How does true love blossom when we have become so individualized”, singer Asbjørn wonders. In the heated track the narrator is looking for someone capable of answering and eventually teaching this.
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AKA AKA & Thalstroem - Faces Remixed - Cover Art


With their second single release from their longplayer “Connected“, AKA AKA & Thalstroem invite the singer Jim Hickey into the studio. With his soulful, almost fragile voice Hickey weaves a sound carpet of emotions on the complex beat of AKA AKA & Thalstroem which, with his reduced tempo, builds up an enormous groove until the break. When the guitar play of Thomas Moked unfolds to an inspirational source of harmonies, Hickey’s voice starts the prelude to the ecstatic climax of the song.

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Adiam - Dark Lake - EP1 (Cover Art)

Great brand new artist we are excited to present you and we think will explode soon. Enjoy quality electronic music by ADIAM in her Dark Lake EP 1.
Darke Lake in its original mix is very soulful and relaxing with leftfield experimental foundation with minimal sounds and the whole focus turned on Adiam voice abilities.

The release comes including a massive and highly recommended remix package.

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7REGISTER - Horizon EP - Cover Art


Just about one year ago the two guys from Hamburg have laid the foundations for their musical fusion within the electronic music world and became what they are today: 7Register.

Their debut, which directly exposes an emotional and melancholic side, can be found on the aswell Hamburg based „Sternbrücken“ label „BRIDGE“, which is a sub-label of Tach&Nacht.

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Tiga - Don't Break My Heart - Cover Art


Following the major success of ‘Bugatti‘ (which featured Pusha T on a later version) and more recently his collaboration with Eats Everything, Tiga is preparing to release his third album; the first since 2009’s Ciao! early next year on Counter. “It’s a natural fit – I’m the original Counter. I count RESULTS. Advantage: Tiga City,” says Tiga.

Seven years is a lifetime, especially for lifetime full-time dreamers like me. Entire fantasy worlds have been loved and lost. Restaurants have opened and closed. I’ve taken the spiritual advice of those closest to me and chosen to remain inside the present, listening and growing until there’s no choice to spring out of the box and share my gift. And that gift is the simplest of questions and answers. What is love? It is what it is, and what it is is it’s everything.

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La Boum Fatale - Walls (Cover Art)

La Boum Fatale’s „Walls“ opens up a first view on new material from the soon to be released debut album „Holygram“. The album documents the past development and shows La Boum Fatale more solid and self-conscious, straight-lined and rough.

The first single „Walls“ is now released as an EP with four versions, illustrating the diverse soundscape of La Boum Fatale. Next to the eponymic piece especially the more open and longer Instrumental of „Walls“ forms the core of the EP. It unfolds all its virtue over the whole length with a gloomy sound. In contrast the weirdly twisted remix of Berlin based producer Comfort Fit leaves hardly anything of the original track using a decent amount of irony. As well as the nobly floating version of sound designer and tinkerer Frieder Nagel. For the single edit of „Walls“ it was possible to win Andreas Bonkowski (Corwood Manual, Siva., I Might Be Wrong) for the vocals. Lyrically and musically „Walls“ summarizes one of the central points of La Boum Fatale as well as „Holygram“: shaking off the dread of change, letting yourself get dragged away from the usual run and enjoy watching doubts and constraints disappear.
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Jad & The Ladyboy – Sweet Nothing EP

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Jad & The Ladyboy - Sweet Nothing EP (SK311 Cover Art)


After the huge success of „Never Come Back Down“ Jad & The Ladyboy adds fuel to the flames as early as four months later. Already with the first track of this 12inch a seat of fire is set: “Sweet Nothing” is again a collaboration with singer Mark Borgazzi, who, with his soulful voice, already turned “Never Come Back Down” into a club stunner.

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AKA AKA & Thalstroem - Never Alone with Sola Plexus (Cover)


AKA AKA & Thalstroem are back with their second album titled „Connected“, which is going to be released through their own label Burlesque Musique on October 23rd. After their latest track „Take My Time“, a collaboration with the Erfurt-based band Northern Lite, the trio presents their first album single „Never Alone“ that offers a promising insight into the follow-up LP to their successful debut „Varieté“.

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