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Stiff Little Spinners Vol 7 - Cover Art

Welcome to Stiff Little Spinners Volume 7. Once again, the guys from Audiolith asked familiar and unfamiliar sound progressors to build a helicopter out of paper-clips for them, however all they delivered was solid techno. Very well then!
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Marcelo Wallace - White - Covert Art

While Marcelo Wallace showed us the love side of his life with his last two releases (Love EP & JuMa), this time he comes up on a more dirty trip on Kowalski Musik.

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HUNDREDS - What Remains Remixes (Cover Art)

Hundreds are set to release the first taste of their 3rd album, with the single “What Remains“. A Song as deep as their meaningful lyrics about humans as parasites and the conflict of the human role in Mother Nature and the question what will be left!?
Nothing, in Hundreds words, will be left for us.
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Metroplane – Metroplane EP – Sweat It Out!

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Metroplane (Cover Art)

It doesn’t take a genius to work out how Alex Metric and Aeroplane came up with the name for their ridiculously exciting new collaborative project, Metroplane.

Nor does it take an expert in electronic music to listen to this, their self-titled debut EP on the beloved Sweat It Out, to work out how f-ing good it is.
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Motez - The Vibe EP Artwork

One of our fav aussies comes right out and we say THE VIBE EP (a double a-side heater comprising of ‚The Vibe‘ and ‚Down Like This’) is MOTEZ‘s best work.
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Smilla – Not Yet Begun / Two Faces – Springstoff

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Smilla - Not Yet Begun - Two Faces (Cover Art)

With the maxi vinyl ‘Not Yet Begun / Two Faces‘, Smilla has created the perfect sound for the coming festival summer. With his remix of Not Yet Begun he tenderly brings back almost melancholy memories, like a light summer breeze on your skin and brings a smile playfully in impelling beats.

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Paul McCartney & Wings vs Timo Mass & James Teej – Nineteen Hundred And Eigthy Five

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Paul McCartney & Wings vs Timo Maas & James Teej - Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five (Cover)

Since you all know we usually don’t tend to over-used superlatives. But this time we can’t hold back to say bringing you with great pleasure one of the hottest records on earth. Appeared first as mysterious white label vinyl in selected stores and sold out within minutes today this genius track sees the light of day as offical release.

Paul McCartney is one of the most important personalities of the rock. With a string of hits he showed the way in the 70s, as the front man of the legendary The Beatles and to his own project Paul McCartney and Wings.
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Marcelo Wallace – Love – Pure Records

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Marcelo Wallace - Love - Covert Art


The „Love EP“ is the third release from Marcelo Wallace which already got early support from names like Markus Kavka, Rich vom Dorf, Rico Püstel or Sash from BBC. It comes out on Heidelberg based label Pure Records and on the same time it is the happy end of this love trilogy. Coming just in time, with the beginning of spring and before the festival season starts, we provide this bright shining release with you.
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La Boum Fatale - No Tongue In Cheek (Cover Art)

Just before the release of “Holygram”, the debut album of La Boum Fatale, the 2nd single “No Tongue in Cheek” is out. The track documents the past development and shows La Boum Fatale more solid and self-conscious, straight-lined and rough.

For the musician and producer Antonio de Spirt, La Boum Fatale has always been testimony of cooperations, of creative exchange and friction. Most parts of the album are joint works with artists, whose output de Spirt appreciates a lot. “No Tongue In Cheek” is a collaboration with the Danish musician and singer Asbjørn. The song comments on the selective tendencies in modern dating and general social culture. “How does true love blossom when we have become so individualized”, singer Asbjørn wonders. In the heated track the narrator is looking for someone capable of answering and eventually teaching this.
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Pet Shop Boys - The Pop Kids Cover Art)

Pet Shop Boys have announced recently via MixMag Premiere on Soundcoud a remix package of “The Pop Kids”, to be released on March 18th. The release will consist of four tracks remixed by MK, Offer Nissim and a deep dub by Pet Shop Boys themselves.
Among the producers who have remixed the single for this release is acclaimed DJ and producer MK (Marc Kinchen), whose dub mix of “The Pop Kids” marks 23 years since his last remix for Pet Shop Boys –  their 1993 single “Can You Forgive Her?”

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