Coming up next in the Audiolith Singles Club-series is a conjunctional joint strictly aiming at the worlds dancefloors – featuring the combined forces of two artist hailing one from Berlin, the other from Hamburg and both renowned far beyond the borders of their home- town for DJ and production efforts alike.
The opener „Sonne, Park und Sterni“ is catered by long-time Audiolith-associate and family member Rampue who has been involved in musical craftmanship ever since. At the controls for Ira Atari’s album, collaborati- onal efforts with Egotronic and Plemo, several compilation features and remixes for artists like Conjure One,, Bratze, Supershirt, Kidstreet and others under his belt plus remarkable solo tracks on both volumes of our „Stiff Little Spinners“ series show that this man is driven by force. And so does „Sonne, Park und Sterni“ which is a sweet, melodic trip into the realms of positive TechHouse vibes, serving a seductive leitmotif and thrilling, cut-up vocal wizzardry adding a bit of extra spice to the playful loveliness that is surely influenced by Berlin’s vibrant open air rave movement.

The second one to follow the call of duty is the Hamburg based Joney who is closely associated to the hanseatic events / crews named Eat The Beat and Ill both still gaining momentum with their involvement in any kind of underground activities seen as quality seal by many of the cities punters. His tune „Elbillharmonie“ starts out on a dry, electroid 4/4 vibe but soon evolves into an epic, chord-driven (Neo)Trance vs. TechHouse banger with sparse but in-time distortion attacks and surprising stops turning into huge brow-rising breakdowns spreading love and joy amongst everyone that’s down on the floor and ready for a good time to be had in the club.

We can not recommend highly enough to watch out and closely follow the output of these two young, very gifted producer talents. There is a lot more upcoming in the pipe. Rampue is going to give away his next release as a free download via soundcloud/facebook, which will be followed by a compilation on STIFF LITTLE Spinners and an album release scheduled for may 2013. Further more the album of Joney is set for release on Dec. 21st on Saturate Rec which you can prelisten here, plus a contribution to Pudel Produkte.

Sonne, Park & Sterni


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