It’s not that long since one of our favourite deep house producers Rampue served his fine club anthem „Sonne, Park & Sterni“ as part of the Audiolith singles club series and now he’s back with another hot quadruple shot.

This fine EP named „Mama Was A Progrocker“ is not only announcing springtime musically but is also serving a sneak preview of what the future holds for long time fans of Rampue soundwise when it comes to forthcoming projects yet unveiled.
Delving into the realms of Slow- and DeepHouse with a warm organic feel and heavy use of multi-layered disco loops, twanging guitar sounds and carefully transformed vocal lines each and every tune contained here speaks of a deep and heartfelt love for melody, soul and romance – a tender and carressing attitude that’s essential for the work of the Berlin-based producer these days.
The sound of Rampue in 2013 is not only about working intimate late night dancefloors – it’s about telling love stories able to stand the test of time, it’s about holding hands, breathing fresh, unpolluted air and, most of all, a unique, individual and fully shaped musical language that has matured in and emerged from Rampues studio desk throughout the past years.
No matter if it’s the EPs title track „Mama Was A Progrocker“, equally playful productions like „Thats“ and „Katz Und Maus“ or the epic, string-loaden closing tune „Find Someone“ – all tunes are perfectly crafted and highly detailed masterpieces, sculpted from expertly picked ingredients that fall into place just right.


Mama Was A Progrocker

Katz und Maus

Find Someone

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