From DJing in the world most famous clubs to playing the most prestigious festivals, from playing an intimate acoustic set to performing with 30 piece Orchestra, Dirty Vegas have done them all. In a career that started over 10 years ago, the Grammy winning duo of Steve Smith and Paul Harris have released chart topping music, won the highest awards, scored movies and remixed world class artists.

After the success of their debut Release for d:vision ‘Let The Night’ that climbed high in The Italian Official Top 40 Singles Chart after one month and signed to Capitol Music in France, Germany and UK, Grammy winning duo Dirty Vegas has returned with their new Single for the Label. Poetically lovely, with more than a tinge of romanticism, ‘Setting Sun’ is an optimistic Song that roughly resembles the semblance of Empire Of The Sun and Pharrell-like alternative Dance elements. Emotionally alluring yet compellingly danceable, this is unapologetic Pop music that refuses to adhere to rigid boundaries.

A solid package of remixes include 14 finest interpretations from their „Photograph“ album, which came out rather exactly one year ago. And the guys from d:vision spared not trouble to get a bunch of fantastic dance music artists who remixed different tracks from the album. Check it out here. And a small selection of five remixes are coming directly in your inbox now, to set your dance floors on fire.

Starting with „Setting Sun“ with the hand of the beautiful Nora En Pure on it, delivering a stunning Deep House Remix. Followed by Frankfurt based Sascha Kloeber’s laid back version of ‘Photograph‘, which is definitely something for the special moment. And as the name suggests, „Heartbeat“ is a collab between famous Saccao and Brazilian duo WOO2TECH, who made something a nice floating version for lovers. More fantastic remixes are coming from Paul Harris himself who remixed „Northern Town“ and from Luca Guerrieri who put his hands on the Duran Duran cover track „Save A Prayer“, Both guys wake you up with powerful, strong crying house stomper who will let raise the hands up in the air!

Guys, help yourself, go listen to every single remix and find the right one for you. No doubt, we are sure, each one stands out for itself and there is one for all playtimes.

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