Beach Power 2017 is coming !!

Ante Perry (Kittball, Katermukke) needs no introduction and has been an integral part of the Moonbootique. Beach Power 2017 is nothing but a summer hit. It is deep, driving and drenched in emotion. Powerful drums a perfect arrangement, stunning instrumentation and yes Beach Power 2017 is built for dancing! A future classic in the making!

Township Rebellion Remix

You know this is going to be a class remix. Everything Township Rebellion (Suara, Stil vor Talent) does is on point. Holding to the originals deep vibe Township Rebellion comes in and builds the tension. The vibe is darker and brooding but unfolds in true Township Rebellion style!

2006 Version Remastered

The date is October 2006. Ante Perry releases Beach Power on Moonbootique. Amazingly! it was his first release. A Deep, brooding tech bass line captures the mood. Coupled with a simple infectious synth melody and drum set built for the dance floor. Beach Power leaves you wanting just to turn up the volume ,be it in your car or in the club. Sounding as fresh today as it did then. It’s 2017 and its ready for the dance floor again!


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