shi offline – God Is A Witch [Remixes]

In a way, shi offline’s track “God is a Witch” is the title track of their debut album “Golaya”, which was released in late 2019. Over a threatening electro- pop carpet Alisa repeats evokingly in the chorus “Я голая, голая”, I am naked. This makes sense, of course, because Alisa lets us in inside – deep into her innermost being. The central themes jump back and forth between femininity, vulnerability, separation, love, affection and the human abyss. In the video we see the singer in the bathtub, dressed in a chain mail. There is no better way to portray the close-distance conflicts of our generation.

For the release shi offline asked their friends from Russia and Germany for a lot remixes, which you’ll find on the whole EP, e.g. with the intense Drum & Bass remix of Brazed.

The siren-y slow vocals of Alisa contradict and complement the hard and fast sound of the duo in a hypnotizing way. The accompanying video was filmed during a streaming concert at the Wilhelmsburg energy bunker of Brøkebutlive in Hamburg.

From this big package we share two remixes for techno lovers. First one in a straight and playful indie manner directly from Berlin by Kalipo. The other after hour burner for ravers, comes from Hamburg based Heerhorst, also known under his moniker Fuckkk Off.

Further remixes lead us from hard techno by, U96 Online and A+K to electronica (Bahrenfeld, Applay, Scimia), downtempo (Ulliversal), trance (Europe) and breaks (Stillin) to dub (Emphiss). Choose your weapon!


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