MONTMARTRE – All The Same (Decca Records France)

Setting the scene in Montmartre: white noise of glasses toasting, smiles caught on the fly. All those essential moments made of unexpected encounters in a neighbourhood that embodies more than any other the flair for mischievous gusto. This sweet euphoria also happens to be at the heart of Montmartre’s musical project.
Following stellar remixes devised in a studio located in the eponymous area of Paris (including for Bob Marley, The Kooks, L’Impératrice…), Montmartre’s foreseeable burst onto the world stage came thanks to Aller Retour, the now gold-certified record he produced for French compatriots Bon Entendeur in 2019.
Fuelled by creative encounters, Montmartre welcomes musicians and friends, hosting sessions with his roomy Disco, a Main coon cat that is the true mastermind of the project. (Yes the one you see in all the videos). Together they dream up a new world that inspires their music, where sharing, a sense of eccentricity and joy occupy center stage. Whether living it up at music school or at the heart of the rock scene, the man with the long hair and a retro sense of style, brings real depth to the celebrated universal French touch sound.
Atop all the drum machines and funky instruments – the hallmark of the French electronic scene he grew up listening to – Montmartre peppers rock and jazz influences with an unshakable sense of optimism. His songs alternate between French and English, candour and nostalgia, always with a touch of irony, prompting his audiences to dance with a sweet sense of self-reflecting. As best showcased by the catchy hymn “All The Same”, his songs aim to bring people together while poking them with cheeky friendly jibes.
Whether it’s through playfulness or true joy, led by the sweet or more passionate feeling, one thing is sure: Montmartre keeps you coming back.

A driving keyboard loop. The bass’ sure groove. A catchy melody. From June 18th, terraces in Montmartre and all around the world will be dancing, hooked on the tune of “All The Same”. This Parisian summer hit, intense, bright, a party-happy song with a unifying message, packs as many uplifting and cheery vibes as musically possible in less than three minutes.
Montmartre returns with “All the Same”, his first release since Hope in 2016, proving once more that he has a voice and a talent to write new material beyond his remixing skills that made his fame. The Parisian producer cooked up a smorgasbord of influences. Adding to the expected base layer of French touch-esque Disco, the artist returned to his first love, classic music writing and rock, adding jazzy arrangements and sleek guitar licks that will delightfully light up your summer and beyond.

Listen and enjoy this beautiful, feel good french house track.



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