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Welcome back Smilla again. To rid you of your baggage and celebrate sweet nothingness: Catharsis. You just lost your body through dancing, when Smilla’s track Slip Proof appears.
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Berlin based label Springstoff keeps on delivering quality, forward minded electronic floor stuff.

“Komfortrauschen EP” is live played in minimal-techno with deep tunes and propelling beats. The music sounds digital, but actually it is analog music. Laurenz, Tim and Phillip are producing their music not on a computer but with guitar, bass and drums.

[youtube ZLHCpCNptvc 450 253]

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Smilla – Not Yet Begun / Two Faces – Springstoff

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Smilla - Not Yet Begun - Two Faces (Cover Art)

With the maxi vinyl ‘Not Yet Begun / Two Faces‘, Smilla has created the perfect sound for the coming festival summer. With his remix of Not Yet Begun he tenderly brings back almost melancholy memories, like a light summer breeze on your skin and brings a smile playfully in impelling beats.

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