Berlin based label Springstoff keeps on delivering quality, forward minded electronic floor stuff.

“Komfortrauschen EP” is live played in minimal-techno with deep tunes and propelling beats. The music sounds digital, but actually it is analog music. Laurenz, Tim and Phillip are producing their music not on a computer but with guitar, bass and drums.

If you asking yourself how this might sound check out their new release “Komfortzone”.

You will find the Komfortzone in the heat of a cellar club, rapture of a night spent dancing, ecstasy of a musical firework and the way back home at sunrise. The perfect sound to escape form the everyday life.

This EP somewhere between funky-minimal-techno and instrumental played in live sound. The performance video “Hummelshein” (video release 22.09) shows with strong color effect what Komfortrauschen does best: playing live.
‘Komfortzone EP’ is going to be released on Vinyl on Sept. 30th.


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